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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sachin tendulkar - A legend in spite of unorthodox batting grip

Sachin is a great player and a legend of the game but do you know his batting grip is different from others! Usally all the player grip the bat from the middle of the handel of bat but sachin's grip is bottom-handed which aloowed him to hit storke with great power. Because of his grip Bradman once asked Sachin that did he have any coaches and sachin's reply "yes" surprised him. Whoevere player had coaches, had middle handed grip. Bradman's grip was also like sachin.

Sachin's coach achrekar also felt it affected his stane and would cause problem as he grew taller. He tried to persude sachin to use the orthodox grip, holding the bat in the middle of the handel with both hands togather but Sachin felt uncomfortable with this new grip and finally Achrekar sir allowed him to grip the bat as he was doing before.

There was a reason behind sachin's this unortodox batting grip. He was playing with his elder brothe Ajit's bat since he was 5 years old. In order to grip the bat it was obviously too big for him, sachin use to hold it from the bottom of handel, and the habit stuck.

Bedi was coach on sachin's second tour in1990 to NZ and former NZ batiing great Glenn turner told bedi that Sachin's grip was wrong and bedi should do something about it but bedi refused because this was what had brought so many runs for sachin at such a young age.

Sachin's grip was out of the manual book of cricket coaching but he continued with it. It didn't affect his batting and after 20 years in cricket, he is still playing great knocks with the same grip.


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