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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Dear Readers,

India is The Greatest country. We all the indians were and are proud of our Farmers and soldiers "JAY JAWAAN, JAY KISAAN".As the time passes by, we are getting more and more reasons and persons to be proud of and one of those is our own little boy, little master and The God of Cricket, SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.

It is hard to accept that the 16 years boy has grown up and is on the verge of the retirement now. Sometimes when the thought of his retirement passes through mind, i feel the world will never be same again, the Cricket will never be same again. The entire stadium watching a test match and supporting India but still waiting for the fall of 2nd indian wicket will never happen again. The cheer from the crowd on arrival of a batsman will never be so loud again and the fall of one person's wicket will never break so many hearts again.

Eventhough so far he hasn't won any World Cup for the nation, he has given much more joy to the nation than winning a world cup. His each and every achievement is celebrated by cricket lovers. Not only achievements, but his every shot has given uncomparable joy. His smile makes the coutry smile & his sadness makes the coutry sad.

I remember one incident of 2003 World Cup when india performed poorly in first two matches and entire nation reacted their anger in the worse manner. In such a situation it was only Sachin Tendulkar who came ahead and appealed the nation for the support and magically the entire nation came supporting the team. Such is the power of his words!

Players will come and go. Somebody may break some of his records but no one can ever reach near the love he has got from the nation. That is what made me name my blog

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