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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cricket God Sachin as Lord Krishna

We have heard that Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket and here is a wonderful attempt from one of his fans to show it in a picture.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar before becoming a Legend

There are many cricketers and many sportsperson in the world but I think Sachin Tendulkar is the only player whose tales are known to as many people. Therefore my efforts is always to give something new, which not known as much about the maestro.

Everyone knows that Sachin has extra-ordinary talent and with his talent and hard work, he has achieved many great feat in the game of cricket.

Here is one story which tells about his talent & capability. It was time when sachin was just 14 and in the Bombay ranji team as a reserve player to get a feel of the big-match environment. The close of play nets in that ranji game was the moment Sachin had waited for all day. The bowler he had to face was Raju kulkarni, then arguably the quickest bowler in the country. Raju Kulkarni started bowling to Sachin and pitched one short, the ball disconcertingly came in at sachin. The response was not to duck or sway but to get inside the line and flick it of his face with disdain! Fire was countered with Fire!

At the age of 14 he had hinted about his talent. Sachin was a mature player and whichever player watched him playing was convinced that sachin has got an extra ordinary talent.

There is another incident when he was just 16 years old and on his first tour to Pakistan [1989-90]. On that tour Suresh Menon heard Imran Khan telling someone about how he was conscious that he was bowling to a school boy. Suresh Menon told sachin about it. Sachin was upset and replied, "Please tell Mr.Imran Khan that I don't need any kind of charity. "Not in anger, but matter-of-factly."

On the same tour once he got injured on his nose and is face was full of blood. When he was asked to retired hurt, he said he want to continue playing. He played brilliantly for his match saving knock of 54 to drew the match for india. He proved that though he was small in age but his talent was good enough to challenge the legends & he earned a place in national team.

He showed that he was there to stay long. And then whatever he did, whichever inning he played is statistics and history. These are few of his many bold things done on a cricket field. I would be very happy to know view of my readers.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sachin in celebrities' marriage

Sachin at Nagarjuna Matrix Prasad daughter reception on 23 Aug 2010

Sachin and Anjali at the wedding of Ricky and Sophie in Mumbai.

Sachin and Anjali at the wedding of Ricky and Sophie in Mumbai.

Sachin and Anjali at the wedding of Ricky and Sophie in Mumbai.

Sachin and Anjali at the wedding of Ricky and Sophie in Mumbai.

Sachin and Anjali in Friend's wedding.

Sachin and Anjali at VVS Laxman's wedding reception Hyderabad.

Sachin, Anjali, Fatima Agarakar and other guests at the wedding of Laxman.

Sachin and Anjali at VVS Laxman's wedding reception in Hyderabad.

Sachin and Anjali at VVS Laxman's wedding reception in Hyderabad.

Sachin and Anjali at Agarkar and Fatima's Wedding Reception.
Sachin and Anjali at Rohan and Swati Gawaskar's Wedding Reception.
Sachin and Anjali at Rohan and Swati Gawaskar's Wedding Reception.
Sachin and Anjali at bahutule's Wedding Reception.
Anjali with kids Sara and arjun At sameer Dighe's Wedding Reception.

Anjali with kids Sara and arjun At sameer Dighe's Wedding Reception.

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Sachin in Aishwaria Ray & Abhishek bachchan's wedding ceremony

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hero cup's Hero

One of the best performances of Sachin Tendulkar in India's victory but this time it was Sachin-a bowler.......A memorable match against South Africa in Hero cup semi final in 1993. SA required 6 runs in last over, with set McMillan still batting and 2 wickets in hand. It is believed that Azhar wanted Kapil to ball last over but Kapil refused to ball. In that scenario it was Sachin who demanded the final over.

Watch the Final over of this Match:

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar's Marriage& Reception's photos

Sachin and Anjali on their wedding day - May 25 1995.

Sachin and Anjali on their wedding day - May 25 1995.
Sachin and Anjali at their marriage ceremony in Mumbai in May 25 1995
Sachin and Anjali at their wedding reception in May 1995.

Sachin and Anjali pose for a photo on their wedding day.

Sachin and Anjali on their wedding day - May 25 1995.

Sachin and Anjali on their wedding day - May 25 1995

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thanks to all the readers of my blog!

My goal to start this blog was to share my view, my information and my knowledge with as many people as possible. In the beginning I was not sure how many people are visiting but before 2 and a half month I installed a software to know the number of visitors.

In the beginning there were only few visitors in the week but it started to raise as I continued doing my job without thinking of it. Now when it has completed 1000 visitors in just 2 and a half month, I can't stop myself saying thanks to my readers.

Thanks all the readers and keep sharing your view to make this blog better and better.

Thank You Again...........

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Sachin & his son Arjun's photos

Sachin with his son Arjun & sehwag during a practice session a day before the 2nd one day international cricket match against Pakistan in Mohali, Nov. 7, 2007.
Arjun playing during sachin was playing in england charity or county match during june 24 to july4 in 2008
sachin introducing Australian cricketers to his son after FutureCup Twenty20 International match at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai 20 October 2007
arjun with sehwag during a practice session a day before the second one day international cricket match against Pakistan in Mohali, India, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007.
Arjun watching his fathers game during sachin was playing in england charity or county match during june 24 to july4 in 2008
At a launch of indor cricket center by mca 9jan 2009
arjun taking autograph of Ponting & lee

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independance Day Special: Why Sachin Tendulkar should be the youth Icon

Happy Independence Day to

All the Indians in

Each & every part of the


Independence Day is the day to celebrate the freedom, this is the day to salute our soldiers who are protecting our country & who gave away their lives fighting against the threats to our freedom, and independence day is the day to think how we can burry the nuisances available in our country and make a stronger India.

The patriotic feelings must be re-lighten in the heart of each and every Indian. There are many hidden enemies that are the hurdles in making stronger India. ie., terrorism, naksalism, languageism, stateisum etc.

This is what I feel on this special day. Now let’s see what does Independence day mean to Sachin Tendulkar.

When sachin was a kid, according to him he remembers that he used to hang a flag on his bicycle or motor cycle and move around the building along with his friends. That passion for the tri-colour flag is still as it is in him. He is the man who started wearing a helmet or cap having Indian flag on it. There was one technical issue raised and there was a possibility that he had to give up wearing helmet having Indian flag but he objected at it and said, “We love our nation and it’s an honor to keep flag on our helmet and it should be allowed. Later on the government decided to allow it with slight change of position of the flag.

Sachin loves his country and he is a true Indian. He should be the idol to follow for the up coming generation. He has all the features in him which are required in fighting against those hidden enemies which I mention earlier.

Sachin against terrorism and naksalism:

When there was a terror attack on Mumbai on 26/11 and Sachin was asked, “Are you feeling unsecured after this attack on Mumbai?”

Sachin replied bravely, “How can I feel unsecured in my country? I am in my country and I don’t need to feel unsecured”. Not only he said that but he also insisted that the ongoing series against England shouldn’t be stopped and hat’s off to England team who also agreed to continue the series. In the next test match after that attack Sachin hit an unbeaten century in the last inning and dedicated it to the victims of the attack.

Sachin against languageism, Stateisum:

When there was a statement by Shivsena about Mumbai for only Maharastrians, Sachin said straight away, “I am extremely proud to be a Maharastrian but I am an Indian first, and Mumbai is for all." Though his statement created controversy, This is what Sachin feels. Every Indian must think like him “NATION COMES FRIST”.

Another example of Sachin’s thinking of “Nation Comes First” is explained in a part of one of my poem on him,

At the time of his father’s death,

Whole nation missed their breath,

Warrior tendulkar came back to play for the nation,

And put behind all the relation.

(full poem Link:

This is why I feel sachin should be the idol for young generation. Not only for young cricketers but for the entire youth. Today when the youth is going after fame, money and stardom, Sachin said, "The soldiers are the real hero of our country." and he got emotional seeing the families of the brave soldiers. Indian air-force has done the right thing by honoring Sachin with the post of "Group Captain" and don’t be surprised if you see many Sachin Tendulkars not only playing for the nation but also fighting for it!

Jay Hind.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Day Sachin Became the God

Sachin is a great cricketer. He has brought so many glories to our country. He has played so many great and memorable innings & fullfilled his fans' desires again and again & his fans has given him the biggest honour by calling him "The God Of Cricket".

Who can forget Sachin tendulkar's 98 runs in 2003 worldcup aginst the world's most threatening bowling attack of pakistan. There was the all time great fast bowler Wasim Akram,There was the king of the swing & reverse-swing Waqar Younus & of course rawalpindi express on his peak & not to forget world's most economical & difficult spinner Saqlain Mushtaq.

The match was highly awited from the day schedule was announced. Wherever the players go, one unwanted advise was always given."Don't Loose against Pakistan".

I ramember there was my cousin's wedding reception in Nagpur during that world cup and there were two matches which i had to miss if i attend it. One was against England and another one against pakistan. I didn't go From Gujarat to Nagpur to attend the reception ceremony by giving false excuse but for the first time I would like to confess that i had skipped that ceremony to see sachin bat against pakistan.

That was me but not only me, but that was what enire nation was expecting from him and the man himself was aware! Sachin spent many restless nights before playing that match.

When this most awaited match reached halfway, India needed 274 runs to win against such a strong bowling attack. India lost sehwag & ganguly in succesive balls and India were 2 down for 53 runs in 5.5 overs but the man whom entire nation wanted to see playing was still there and seeing him playing, it was difficult to believe that it was a live match and not highlights. The man took the match away from pakistan in a flash & when he got out, it was only a formality of wining left. It was not about 98 runs but it was the way and the time he made those.

Indian camp started celebrating after winning the match and the celebration never seem like ending. The entire squad were at the dressing room after even 3 hours of winning the match. Every player was sharing his own experience of this unforgettable battle. Who said what and what was the reply, who was sledging whom and what was the reply all these were talked in the dressing room that night and It was a kind of never forgetable night for the entire squad. Many players had tears of happiness in their eyes during this celebration. Finally they headed towards the hotel and the entire squad was chanting "SACHIN KI JAY, SACHIN KI JAY..." during their way back to the hotel and Virendra Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh started calling him "Bhagwan" (God) after that match.

That night proved again that sachin is the god of cricket and not only Sehwag and Harbhajan but millions of cricket fans started calling him God from that day!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sachin Tnedulkar-The Biggest Prank Star

Sachin Tendulkar was very naughty when he was a kid. He was a difficult child to handle .He always liked playing tricks on others. His serious cricket also begun because oh his naughtiness Once during a summer vacation while Sachin’s family was watching “Guide” movie on television., He climbed on a tree with his friends& one of the branch broke down &sachin fell down. After this incident sachin’s brother decided that now that was enough &sachin will go to cricket classes.

After joining cricket classes sachin started his serious cricket but his naughty acts didn’t stop. Everyone might be aware of this incident. When during a tour he applied a balm on his friend atul rande’s face &when rande felts burning on his face, sachin suggested him to put Colgate toothpaste on his face.

This is story of his childhood days but still sachin likes to make people fool around still he loves to play pranks on his teammate. Here is another incident. Once Sourav Ganguly was sleeping in his room & sachin connected pipe to tape of his bathroom, turn on the tape& put it to sourav’s room. When sourav woke up he was scared because his room was full of water. This is one of his pranks on sourav who is his very good friend whom he calls “Babumoshai”& sourav calls him “Chhota babu”.

His latest prank was on Yuvraj singh. Sachin put wasabi on a yuvraj’s toast and told him it was a delicious spread that yuvraj must try. He almost ate it. But somehow yuvraj was fortunate that sachin suddenly realized that it was too harsh on yuvraj &stopped him at the last minute.

This is the way sachin is when it comes to cricket he is very serious otherwise he is “The Biggest Prank star” of Indian cricket team.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar-God’s Special Creation

Today Sachin is playing his 169th test match which is the highest number of test matches played by any player. In his long career he has achieved many things & now every two series he is achieving new milestone.

After 168 tests, Sachin Tendulkar’s greatest achievement, perhaps, is that he has lived up to the expectations. He entered at the highest level at the age of just 16 & at the time of debut he was already a talk of the nation. In the other words, from his first test, people were expecting him to repeat his act of school and Domestic matches. Though he couldn’t do much in his first test, he made a strong statement through his batting during the exhibition match that he was not a talent going to be wasted. Cricket has seen many talents getting disappeared or not living up to the expectations and finishing the career with not justifying 100% to their talents but Sachin has justified 100% to his talent with a lot of hard work, determination & dedication.

His determination’s best example is his test inning against Australia in 2003-04 at Sydney. Before that match, he was getting out while playing drive. What he decided to do was interesting. He decided that he would think that that shot is not in his dictionary. The determination was such that even after crossing 150, he didn’t play that shot. He remain unbeaten in that inning at the score of 241 and the experts were amazed that how one can have this kind of determination. But he was Sachin Tendulkar! A Genius!

His dedication is miraculous. He showed great courage when he came back after his father’s death in 1999 worldcup. He was very close to his father and was in the toughest situation of his life but he show his dedication to the country & came back to play the match (just missed one match.).It was not easy to put behind the tragedy & concentrate on duty but he deed it & scored a magnificent 100+ & after that century when he looked at the heaven, not only himself but entire commentary box and cricket lovers like us had tears in their eyes. Every words were falling short to describe his dedication. He was broken from inside but he played with determination & dedication. That is his quality. Whenever he enters the cricket ground it becomes his entire world.

Inspite of his great achievements, he is the most humble person. At the very small age he got the fame but it didn’t go into his mind unlike many other instances for many talented players. Sachin’s family has also played a great role to keep his foot grounded. Whenever he achieved something, they brought the sweet at home kept it in front of god & again started thinking about the next game. No big celebration, nothing! Just keep it simple.

Sachin has achieved what others just dream of .Everyone feels like Sachin is their family member & enjoy his success like their own. He has given a lot of pleasure and joy to the nation and even cricket lovers. This is how our master blaster is! Today he is going to achieve one more milestone. Let’s wish him all the best for this match & for his career.

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