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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar before becoming a Legend

There are many cricketers and many sportsperson in the world but I think Sachin Tendulkar is the only player whose tales are known to as many people. Therefore my efforts is always to give something new, which not known as much about the maestro.

Everyone knows that Sachin has extra-ordinary talent and with his talent and hard work, he has achieved many great feat in the game of cricket.

Here is one story which tells about his talent & capability. It was time when sachin was just 14 and in the Bombay ranji team as a reserve player to get a feel of the big-match environment. The close of play nets in that ranji game was the moment Sachin had waited for all day. The bowler he had to face was Raju kulkarni, then arguably the quickest bowler in the country. Raju Kulkarni started bowling to Sachin and pitched one short, the ball disconcertingly came in at sachin. The response was not to duck or sway but to get inside the line and flick it of his face with disdain! Fire was countered with Fire!

At the age of 14 he had hinted about his talent. Sachin was a mature player and whichever player watched him playing was convinced that sachin has got an extra ordinary talent.

There is another incident when he was just 16 years old and on his first tour to Pakistan [1989-90]. On that tour Suresh Menon heard Imran Khan telling someone about how he was conscious that he was bowling to a school boy. Suresh Menon told sachin about it. Sachin was upset and replied, "Please tell Mr.Imran Khan that I don't need any kind of charity. "Not in anger, but matter-of-factly."

On the same tour once he got injured on his nose and is face was full of blood. When he was asked to retired hurt, he said he want to continue playing. He played brilliantly for his match saving knock of 54 to drew the match for india. He proved that though he was small in age but his talent was good enough to challenge the legends & he earned a place in national team.

He showed that he was there to stay long. And then whatever he did, whichever inning he played is statistics and history. These are few of his many bold things done on a cricket field. I would be very happy to know view of my readers.

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