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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Day Sachin Became the God

Sachin is a great cricketer. He has brought so many glories to our country. He has played so many great and memorable innings & fullfilled his fans' desires again and again & his fans has given him the biggest honour by calling him "The God Of Cricket".

Who can forget Sachin tendulkar's 98 runs in 2003 worldcup aginst the world's most threatening bowling attack of pakistan. There was the all time great fast bowler Wasim Akram,There was the king of the swing & reverse-swing Waqar Younus & of course rawalpindi express on his peak & not to forget world's most economical & difficult spinner Saqlain Mushtaq.

The match was highly awited from the day schedule was announced. Wherever the players go, one unwanted advise was always given."Don't Loose against Pakistan".

I ramember there was my cousin's wedding reception in Nagpur during that world cup and there were two matches which i had to miss if i attend it. One was against England and another one against pakistan. I didn't go From Gujarat to Nagpur to attend the reception ceremony by giving false excuse but for the first time I would like to confess that i had skipped that ceremony to see sachin bat against pakistan.

That was me but not only me, but that was what enire nation was expecting from him and the man himself was aware! Sachin spent many restless nights before playing that match.

When this most awaited match reached halfway, India needed 274 runs to win against such a strong bowling attack. India lost sehwag & ganguly in succesive balls and India were 2 down for 53 runs in 5.5 overs but the man whom entire nation wanted to see playing was still there and seeing him playing, it was difficult to believe that it was a live match and not highlights. The man took the match away from pakistan in a flash & when he got out, it was only a formality of wining left. It was not about 98 runs but it was the way and the time he made those.

Indian camp started celebrating after winning the match and the celebration never seem like ending. The entire squad were at the dressing room after even 3 hours of winning the match. Every player was sharing his own experience of this unforgettable battle. Who said what and what was the reply, who was sledging whom and what was the reply all these were talked in the dressing room that night and It was a kind of never forgetable night for the entire squad. Many players had tears of happiness in their eyes during this celebration. Finally they headed towards the hotel and the entire squad was chanting "SACHIN KI JAY, SACHIN KI JAY..." during their way back to the hotel and Virendra Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh started calling him "Bhagwan" (God) after that match.

That night proved again that sachin is the god of cricket and not only Sehwag and Harbhajan but millions of cricket fans started calling him God from that day!


  1. Sachin is really God of Cricket. I went back to that match and got my memories refreshed. I had got goosebumps when sachin was playing that inning and I got goosebumps again while reading this article. terrific!

  2. You must be a big Sachin Fan that you skipped the celebration of your cousin's wedding....


  4. I bet, you will not remember except that match and the sharjah one.. where sachin played when the team needed the most. Poor sachin fans.. wake up.. remove the blind cover from your eyes. Sachini crumbles under pressuer.. he cant handle presure.. thast the fact. And regarding God.. we have soo many gods.. karunanidhi, jayalalitha, rajnikanth, khusbuuu.. namitaa... there goes one more.. sachin.. poor people...


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