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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independance Day Special: Why Sachin Tendulkar should be the youth Icon

Happy Independence Day to

All the Indians in

Each & every part of the


Independence Day is the day to celebrate the freedom, this is the day to salute our soldiers who are protecting our country & who gave away their lives fighting against the threats to our freedom, and independence day is the day to think how we can burry the nuisances available in our country and make a stronger India.

The patriotic feelings must be re-lighten in the heart of each and every Indian. There are many hidden enemies that are the hurdles in making stronger India. ie., terrorism, naksalism, languageism, stateisum etc.

This is what I feel on this special day. Now let’s see what does Independence day mean to Sachin Tendulkar.

When sachin was a kid, according to him he remembers that he used to hang a flag on his bicycle or motor cycle and move around the building along with his friends. That passion for the tri-colour flag is still as it is in him. He is the man who started wearing a helmet or cap having Indian flag on it. There was one technical issue raised and there was a possibility that he had to give up wearing helmet having Indian flag but he objected at it and said, “We love our nation and it’s an honor to keep flag on our helmet and it should be allowed. Later on the government decided to allow it with slight change of position of the flag.

Sachin loves his country and he is a true Indian. He should be the idol to follow for the up coming generation. He has all the features in him which are required in fighting against those hidden enemies which I mention earlier.

Sachin against terrorism and naksalism:

When there was a terror attack on Mumbai on 26/11 and Sachin was asked, “Are you feeling unsecured after this attack on Mumbai?”

Sachin replied bravely, “How can I feel unsecured in my country? I am in my country and I don’t need to feel unsecured”. Not only he said that but he also insisted that the ongoing series against England shouldn’t be stopped and hat’s off to England team who also agreed to continue the series. In the next test match after that attack Sachin hit an unbeaten century in the last inning and dedicated it to the victims of the attack.

Sachin against languageism, Stateisum:

When there was a statement by Shivsena about Mumbai for only Maharastrians, Sachin said straight away, “I am extremely proud to be a Maharastrian but I am an Indian first, and Mumbai is for all." Though his statement created controversy, This is what Sachin feels. Every Indian must think like him “NATION COMES FRIST”.

Another example of Sachin’s thinking of “Nation Comes First” is explained in a part of one of my poem on him,

At the time of his father’s death,

Whole nation missed their breath,

Warrior tendulkar came back to play for the nation,

And put behind all the relation.

(full poem Link:

This is why I feel sachin should be the idol for young generation. Not only for young cricketers but for the entire youth. Today when the youth is going after fame, money and stardom, Sachin said, "The soldiers are the real hero of our country." and he got emotional seeing the families of the brave soldiers. Indian air-force has done the right thing by honoring Sachin with the post of "Group Captain" and don’t be surprised if you see many Sachin Tendulkars not only playing for the nation but also fighting for it!

Jay Hind.

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