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Friday, June 4, 2010


Note: Made this poem during 2008 when sachin made some records & showed superb consistency in 1 year after 2007 world cup defeat to silent his critics. Sachin is not saying anything to anyone but this was my response to his critics. I am not a writer but sachin’s criticism inspires me to write this to his critics.

There is also hindi virsion of this poem posted in this blog so enjoy and coment on it.......

Look ! That is the milestone of record

The one who is on top has a bat like a sword,

Since years he has captured the milestone,

He is none other than Tendulkar, our own!

Every Indian is proud of him,

But how humble he always has been!

Either he score runs or fall short,

It is his commitment which never falls short!

Hasn’t ever thought anything else,

Cricket has always been for him on 1st place.

He always worships this game,

Never runs after any fame.

At the time of his father’s death,

Whole nation missed their breath,

Warrior tendulkar came back to play for the nation,

And put behind all the relation.

His heart always remains pure

Dravid declares when he is on 194,

But the relations doesn’t get spoiled

That is what he makes sure.

Never said anyone anything bad,

Never even made anyone sad,

Some people might be jealous of him

But he has always been as he has been!

I feel pity for the Indian media

When they have to criticize the “pride of India

Whatever they do to spoil his image

He will always remain on history’s golden page

Only his batting increases the heart beats

Life becomes heaven on reading his tweets

Sachin, there is no one on the earth like you,

Lord Krishna said I will born in every “yug”, that was true.

This is our beloved master’s one more miracle

And we salute you master with lots of love…

We really salute you. You are truly a legend. Every word falls small in front of you.

You are a GOD.


  1. superb yaar.........sachin - the great

  2. Superb, Mind blowing, Excellent, Great Effort.

  3. Very touching. I love how India loves Sachin.

  4. Very good Poem.....Every one should read..This is the way MY SACHIN is...

  5. Well Written Nice poem.Sachin is Legend.


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