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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My 1st ever effort to write something on sachin tendulkar

Small story behind this

I was only 12 years old & in the morning I was listing music &during that time my mind was thinking about tendulkar so during the time of listing the song kaho na pyar hai tital track the different lyrics came in my mind. That’s how in just 20 minutes I made this song.

After 1-2 year I feel this is ordinary when compare to others but that was my 1st effort at12years age so I decided to keep it and for that reason it is special for me.

Dil Sabka har bar ye dekhneko bekarar hai

Khelona match me(2)

In ache bolo me ache shot hai

Khelona match me(2)

Tum Indiame hote nahi fir bolo kya hota

Cricket me Hindustan koi match hi jitata

Jita hai match apna ye desh ye sachin ka kamal hai

Jeete ye match hai(2)

Milte nahi tum humko fir bolo kya hota

Cricket me fir apna naam na itna hota

Kahete hai sab apna player duniya me lajavab hai

Jeete ye match hai(2)

Copyrights: Rupal bhatt

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