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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sachin Tnedulkar-The Biggest Prank Star

Sachin Tendulkar was very naughty when he was a kid. He was a difficult child to handle .He always liked playing tricks on others. His serious cricket also begun because oh his naughtiness Once during a summer vacation while Sachin’s family was watching “Guide” movie on television., He climbed on a tree with his friends& one of the branch broke down &sachin fell down. After this incident sachin’s brother decided that now that was enough &sachin will go to cricket classes.

After joining cricket classes sachin started his serious cricket but his naughty acts didn’t stop. Everyone might be aware of this incident. When during a tour he applied a balm on his friend atul rande’s face &when rande felts burning on his face, sachin suggested him to put Colgate toothpaste on his face.

This is story of his childhood days but still sachin likes to make people fool around still he loves to play pranks on his teammate. Here is another incident. Once Sourav Ganguly was sleeping in his room & sachin connected pipe to tape of his bathroom, turn on the tape& put it to sourav’s room. When sourav woke up he was scared because his room was full of water. This is one of his pranks on sourav who is his very good friend whom he calls “Babumoshai”& sourav calls him “Chhota babu”.

His latest prank was on Yuvraj singh. Sachin put wasabi on a yuvraj’s toast and told him it was a delicious spread that yuvraj must try. He almost ate it. But somehow yuvraj was fortunate that sachin suddenly realized that it was too harsh on yuvraj &stopped him at the last minute.

This is the way sachin is when it comes to cricket he is very serious otherwise he is “The Biggest Prank star” of Indian cricket team.

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