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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar-God’s Special Creation

Today Sachin is playing his 169th test match which is the highest number of test matches played by any player. In his long career he has achieved many things & now every two series he is achieving new milestone.

After 168 tests, Sachin Tendulkar’s greatest achievement, perhaps, is that he has lived up to the expectations. He entered at the highest level at the age of just 16 & at the time of debut he was already a talk of the nation. In the other words, from his first test, people were expecting him to repeat his act of school and Domestic matches. Though he couldn’t do much in his first test, he made a strong statement through his batting during the exhibition match that he was not a talent going to be wasted. Cricket has seen many talents getting disappeared or not living up to the expectations and finishing the career with not justifying 100% to their talents but Sachin has justified 100% to his talent with a lot of hard work, determination & dedication.

His determination’s best example is his test inning against Australia in 2003-04 at Sydney. Before that match, he was getting out while playing drive. What he decided to do was interesting. He decided that he would think that that shot is not in his dictionary. The determination was such that even after crossing 150, he didn’t play that shot. He remain unbeaten in that inning at the score of 241 and the experts were amazed that how one can have this kind of determination. But he was Sachin Tendulkar! A Genius!

His dedication is miraculous. He showed great courage when he came back after his father’s death in 1999 worldcup. He was very close to his father and was in the toughest situation of his life but he show his dedication to the country & came back to play the match (just missed one match.).It was not easy to put behind the tragedy & concentrate on duty but he deed it & scored a magnificent 100+ & after that century when he looked at the heaven, not only himself but entire commentary box and cricket lovers like us had tears in their eyes. Every words were falling short to describe his dedication. He was broken from inside but he played with determination & dedication. That is his quality. Whenever he enters the cricket ground it becomes his entire world.

Inspite of his great achievements, he is the most humble person. At the very small age he got the fame but it didn’t go into his mind unlike many other instances for many talented players. Sachin’s family has also played a great role to keep his foot grounded. Whenever he achieved something, they brought the sweet at home kept it in front of god & again started thinking about the next game. No big celebration, nothing! Just keep it simple.

Sachin has achieved what others just dream of .Everyone feels like Sachin is their family member & enjoy his success like their own. He has given a lot of pleasure and joy to the nation and even cricket lovers. This is how our master blaster is! Today he is going to achieve one more milestone. Let’s wish him all the best for this match & for his career.


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