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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tendulkar is the most well behaved cricketer-Tony Greig

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar's 3rd test 100 vs Aus @Perth in 1992

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar's 2nd test century vs aus in aus @sydney in 1992

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sachin tendulkar 200no vs australia @sydney in 2003-2004 HQ video

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar photos at Wimbledon tennis championships in London, June 26, 2010

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Tendulkar leads sports stars in Wimbledon royal box

AFP) – 1 hour ago

LONDON — Sachin Tendulkar was among a host of sports stars who packed out the royal box on Centre Court at Wimbledon on Saturday, with top internationals and Olympic gold medallists among the throng.

India's master batsman Tendulkar and West Indies hero Brian Lara were in attendance from the world of cricket, while England football greats Bobby Charlton and Glenn Hoddle were also invited.

Former Wimbledon champions included Martina Navratilova, Budge Patty, Jan Kodes and Australian trio Ashley Cooper, Neale Fraser and Evonne Goolagong-Cawley.

Romanian tennis legend Ilie Nastase and former British number one Roger Taylor joined them.

From rugby union, the world's most capped forward Jason Leonard, England captain Lewis Moody, and former England internationals Alastair Hignell and Martin Bayfield watched the action.

Among the British Olympic gold medallists present were cyclists Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, athlete Kelly Holmes, canoeist Tim Brabants and skeleton racer Amy Williams.

US skiing gold medallist Julia Mancuso, New Zealand golfer Bob Charles, who won The Open in 1963, and British former swimming world record holder Mark Foster also attended.

Saturday was Armed Forces Day in Britain and representatives from the military in the royal box were given a standing ovation.

The stars saw reigning women's champion Serena Williams defeat Dominika Cibulkova, 2008 men's champion Rafael Nadal take on Philipp Petzschner and British favourite Andy Murray play Gilles Simon.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Read here the reasons why sachin deserves bhartratna.

Read here the reasons why sachin deserves bhartratna.If you are agree &fill that sachin deserves bhartratna so Read this poem on him And encourage people to read


Dekhana esa suna na esa

Paya hai wesa sochana jesa

Khelte ho ese ki match ho jeet te

Rahete ho ese ki dil ho jeet te

Khel ko tumne hamara majhab bana diya

Isi majhab ka devta subne tujhe bana liya

Chhote-bade bachche-budhe sabka pyara ban gaya

Bano to sirf sachin ye sabka nara ban gay

Manke tumko aadarsh jab koi chale

Jivan ke har mod par usko sahi rah mile

Aap bolo to desh suntan hai

Aapse milke dukh me bhi khushiyo se khilta hai

Kaise kahe: “sachin sabko kitna hai pyara!”

Us par jab uthi ungali to ek ho gaya desh sara

Advitiya, anmol ho tum, bharat ki shaan ho tum,

Hamare man ka vishvas ho tum,fir kyun bharatratna se dur ho tum?

Bharatratna mile na mile hai ye fesala sarkar ka

Par,deshvasiyo ki soch se bharatratna hai aapka

“Hamari soch se aapko ye naya samman mubarak ho”

You are jewel of India sachin. You brought smiles on lots of faces since last 21 years, thanks for that.

“Hats Off Sachin”

You can give your comment on twitter @bhattrupal

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the occasion of sachin Tendulkar’s 100 test dedicated this poem to him

I made this poem way back in 2002 (India was rarely winning outside India.) when I was 14 years old. sachin was playing his 100th test &that time just a day before his 100th test I made this poem for him.

Jab rakha pav usne cricket duniya me

hilakar usne rakh diya sare cricket vishva ko

usne apne naam par kai record darj kiye

Apne desh ka roshan naam usne kar diya

Ban gaya wo saan desh ki

Ban gaya wo jan sabki

Kaha bradman ne use apne jesa ballebaj

aseto sabke dilo par kon karega raj

Sidha sada hai sachin nahi use abhiman

Ese vyakti hi aksar ban sakte he mahan

Banane se nahi bante sachin

Hote he crore me ek

esa player aaj to khada hai 100 test ki aur

subhakamnae hai hum sabki sada usike saath

yaadgar is test ko sayad wo banade

apne desh se bahar vijay aaj dilade

hai yahi ummid hum sabki aaj isi din par

Copyright: Rupal bhatt

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My 1st ever effort to write something on sachin tendulkar

Small story behind this

I was only 12 years old & in the morning I was listing music &during that time my mind was thinking about tendulkar so during the time of listing the song kaho na pyar hai tital track the different lyrics came in my mind. That’s how in just 20 minutes I made this song.

After 1-2 year I feel this is ordinary when compare to others but that was my 1st effort at12years age so I decided to keep it and for that reason it is special for me.

Dil Sabka har bar ye dekhneko bekarar hai

Khelona match me(2)

In ache bolo me ache shot hai

Khelona match me(2)

Tum Indiame hote nahi fir bolo kya hota

Cricket me Hindustan koi match hi jitata

Jita hai match apna ye desh ye sachin ka kamal hai

Jeete ye match hai(2)

Milte nahi tum humko fir bolo kya hota

Cricket me fir apna naam na itna hota

Kahete hai sab apna player duniya me lajavab hai

Jeete ye match hai(2)

Copyrights: Rupal bhatt

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sachin's interview after finishing 20 years in cricket

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SACHIN TENDULKAR 113 off 102 balls vs SRI LANKA

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar's very good Innings of 97 vs Pak

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sachin tendulkar with family Photos

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

sachin's 1st test century vs england

If you want to save this
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then download ant video downloader
that allows you to download this video....

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Even as a child Sachin loved bashing up people. Then he used fists, now he uses his bat

When Atul Ranade was sent to Junior KG for no fault of his, he chose to sit behind someone whose flowing long locks caught his eye. In a bout of elementary heterosexuality, he thought it was a girl. "But it turned out to be a boy and that too a very strong boy," he recalls. The muster called him Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Those were the days when he was shorter than the stumps, when he had his own method of communicating with weaker peers and that was, "bashing them up for no reason". One day, when he was in the second standard, as a part of his daily drill, he hit an erring schoolmate. And that boy, it turned out, was two years his senior. The humiliation did not go down well in the stunned fourth grade. And by evening a syndicate of eight-year-olds with an attitude that the principal would not have thought highly of, waited by the gate for retribution.

"They were waiting but somehow he escaped. I don't know how," says Ranade, the mystery still lingering somewhere in the eye.

He was very shrewd." He was gifted with talents that seemed to be obsolete, as the human society had moved away from its tribal roots. Ranade remembers a game in which a boy carried another on his back. Now this boy had to nudge other similar units of two and throw them off balance. "Sachin had this knack of shoving people with his shoulders. Anyone who paired with him would win." Back in Sahitya Sahawas, where Sachin lived with endearingly cultured parents and siblings, a pleasant life was taking form. But in any such pleasant domestic setting there is a mandatory gutter and in such gutters there are bound to be fish. Sachin's penance for mugging weak individuals seemed to be picking up fish from this gutter and giving them a new life in a bottle of municipality water. "He had this black fish, I remember, which he had taken from the gutter," says photographer Avinash Govarikar who has been a neighbour for life. "He was a very tender person. But he was always fascinated with power, speed and things like that." When a new recruit joined the gang, among the primary information that Sachin wanted to gather was whether 'this boy' could hit 'that boy'. But, though little boys were not included, other organic compounds like pups and cats got Sachin's sympathy and care.

Govarikar remembers a day, when the boys surveyed Sachin longer than necessary. Someone had cut his hair short. The flowing locks were gone. "He looked so different all of a sudden," Govarikar says. It's still not clear whether the decision to trim the hair was taken democratically or some elder in the house decided to put hygiene before fashion, but in a final analysis, Sachin now thought he looked like McEnroe. The boys' circle agreed.

Among these boys, at Sahitya Sahawas, there used to be a fable about a mad man who lurked around in Bandra East, who went around killing people after dark. 'Sachu' was among

(I read it somewhere.)Atul rande is talking

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar the family man with his wife&children

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Friday, June 4, 2010


Note: Made this poem during 2008 when sachin made some records & showed superb consistency in 1 year after 2007 world cup defeat to silent his critics. Sachin is not saying anything to anyone but this was my response to his critics. I am not a writer but sachin’s criticism inspires me to write this to his critics.

There is also hindi virsion of this poem posted in this blog so enjoy and coment on it.......

Look ! That is the milestone of record

The one who is on top has a bat like a sword,

Since years he has captured the milestone,

He is none other than Tendulkar, our own!

Every Indian is proud of him,

But how humble he always has been!

Either he score runs or fall short,

It is his commitment which never falls short!

Hasn’t ever thought anything else,

Cricket has always been for him on 1st place.

He always worships this game,

Never runs after any fame.

At the time of his father’s death,

Whole nation missed their breath,

Warrior tendulkar came back to play for the nation,

And put behind all the relation.

His heart always remains pure

Dravid declares when he is on 194,

But the relations doesn’t get spoiled

That is what he makes sure.

Never said anyone anything bad,

Never even made anyone sad,

Some people might be jealous of him

But he has always been as he has been!

I feel pity for the Indian media

When they have to criticize the “pride of India

Whatever they do to spoil his image

He will always remain on history’s golden page

Only his batting increases the heart beats

Life becomes heaven on reading his tweets

Sachin, there is no one on the earth like you,

Lord Krishna said I will born in every “yug”, that was true.

This is our beloved master’s one more miracle

And we salute you master with lots of love…

We really salute you. You are truly a legend. Every word falls small in front of you.

You are a GOD.

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Note: Made this poem during 2008 when sachin made some records & showed superb consistency in 1 year after 2007 world cup defeat to silent his critics. Sachin is not saying anything to anyone but this was my response to his critics. I am not a writer but sachin’s criticism inspires me to write this to his critics.

There is also english virsion of this poem posted in this blog so enjoy and coment on it.......

Ja pahoncha hai jo records ke shikhar par,
Are! Wo to hai apna tendulkar,

Jis par hota sabko abhiman,
Par usne kabhi na kiya guman,

Runs chahe bane kam ya bane jyada,
Par commitment uska kabhi na hoga kam ye hai uska vada,

Iske alava nahi socha duja,
Khel ki hi hardum ki hai puja

Risto se pahele kartavya ko laya,
Pita ki mrutu ke bad bhi worldcup me aaya,

Dil uska raheta hai hamesha saf,
194dec ke bad bhi karta hai wo maf,

Kabhi kisise nahi kuch bhi kaha,
Vivado se koso dur raha,

Kai logo ne dvesh rakha,
Par kabhi kisise na hua khafa,

Media ke hal pe bhi humko taras aata hai
Paiso ke liye kya-kya kaha jata hai,

Acche ko bura aur bure ko accha banate hai,
sach ko juth aur juth ko such banate hai,

media chahe kuch bhi karega,
par teri chhabi na wo bigad paega,

Dil to dhadkaya hai teri hi batting ne,
Har dard ko bhi bhulaya hai teri hi batting ne,

Teri batting jesi kashish aur kahan,
Tere jesi sakshiyat aur kahan,

Hamare dulare master ka hai ye ek aur kamal,
Aur hamari aur se usko pyar bhara ek aur salam,

We really salute you. You are truly a legend. Every word falls small in front of you.
You are a GOD.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poem on Sachin Tendulkar
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