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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just could not control myself: Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar
Mumbai Indians player Sachin Tendulkar plays a shot against Pune Warriors during the IPL match in Mumbai. (PTI Photo)
Not many may have seen this side of him, but Sachin Tendulkar broke down as he paid his last respects to Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthy recently.

And even if Sai Baba might not be present physically, Sachin says he still connects with him in his dreams. "That's where I draw my strength from. He will always be with me," says an emotional Sachin.

Everyone saw you getting emotional.

In fact you broke down post World Cup triumph too...

It's just that I could not control myself. Baba has always been my mentor and it was a great loss when he left us. But I remember his lessons and will continue to adhere to them. I felt very low on the day that I sat near his body.

You've always set examples. We saw you playing your best despite the fact that you were disturbed. You did the same many years ago when you lost your father.

I try my best to involve myself in the game as much as possible. Such losses are irreparable and I'll miss their presence.

What about Jaipur?

You went there and sat under the tree where Baba had delivered a discourse over four decades ago.

I will be visiting Jaipur often now. It was a very different feeling when I got near the tree. The world looked very different and appealing. Yes I got quiet for a while and kept thinking. Whenever I get time, I'll go spend some time under that peepal tree.

What about the 'Guru dakshina'? We heard about your plan to get a marble statue of Baba's installed. Is this true?

I can't say anything. It's personal.

What's happening otherwise? Any movies that you plan to do in the future?

Nothing much. Everything's going good and I am enjoying cricket. There's no movie happening at all, my main focus is very much on the game.

Your son Arjun has started playing. What you have to say?

He's positive in his approach. He keeps playing and doesn't leave a chance to travel.

Would you like to say something to all budding cricketers around?

Be focused and play with commitment. Don't ever be hasty in your decisions and most importantly respect your elders.

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