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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaks will keep Tendulkar innings going: Vengsarkar

Dubai: Former Indian captain and chief selector Dileep Vengsarkar feels that Sachin Tendulkar's decision to pace himself will help world cricket enjoy the exploits of the master blaster for a longer time.

"Tendulkar's decision to pace himself can help not only Indian cricket but also youngsters who play alongside him. He is so passionate about the game that as long as he plays the game it will inspire others. He is so keen to play that every match that he plays excites him," remarked Vengsarkar, who as captain was responsible for inviting Tendulkar to the Indian team's net session in Mumbai during the 1988-89 series against New Zealand.

Vengsarkar, who is here on an invite from the G Force Cricket Academy, observed: "If you closely observe Tendulkar, we can find that for the last 21 years of his career he has been at his peak form. There has never been a rough patch. For the last two years he has been playing so well that I feel he should go on forever because it helps others in the team. His passion for the game rubs on others and he has been building confidence in all the players in the team."

Chance for youngsters

When asked whether the World Cup victory is the start of a new era for Indian cricket, Vengsarkar said: "Indian cricket has been doing well in all forms of the game. The oncoming West Indies, England and Australia tour will be another chance to prove that they are a great team."

Vengsarkar feels that too much has been made out of top players pulling out of the West Indies tour and that the Indian Premier League (IPL) being responsible for it.

Praise for Dhoni

"The IPL being held immediately after the World Cup is a rare occurrence. Instead of criticising the players for pulling out of the West Indies tour we must look at the positives. This has given a chance for a lot of youngsters to represent India and go on to establish themselves. The IPL has made the bench strength stronger. The youngsters who have come out of the IPL should grab the opportunities with both hands and do well and try and represent India for many years," he said.

Vengsarkar also went on to hail Mahendra Singh Dhoni's captaincy. "Dhoni is an outstanding captain, the best I have seen. He has improved day by day as a captain, batsman and wicketkeeper too."

To a query on what makes Dhoni the best captain, Vengsarkar said: "Dhoni is very innovative and is very cool and calm. He plays smart cricket and is intelligent. He is also very humble and leads from the front and takes every one along with him."

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