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Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Sachin has sacrificed a lot':Arjun Ranatunga

Former Sri Lanka skipper Arjuna Ranatunga on Wednesday said that Sachin Tendulkar has sacrificed a lot to reach the pinnacle of success.

According to Ranatunga, Tendulkar is an iconic player who doesn't care about money and that is the main reason for his achievements.

Ranatunga said: "He (Tendulkar) is an icon. For him cricket is not a source of income. This is the secret behind phenomenal success and long career."

"Nowadays, young cricketers will do anything for money. They will even sacrifice their national duty for financial gains. The young lot should learn things from him."

Ranatunga also said that Tendulkar is the perfect ambassador and saviour for Test cricket.

"Test cricket is safe as long as Tendulkar is playing. Once he is gone, we will need more cricketers like him to save Test cricket," said Ranatunga.

Ranatunga called it unfair to compare Tendulkar with Sir Don Bradman.

He said: "Tendulkar and Sir Don belong to different eras. Sir Don was the best player in his era while Sachin is undoubtedly the best in modern era. Drawing comparisons is just not fair. Both are legends."

He added: "Sachin is a real gentleman. Despite his achievements, he is very humble and down to earth. I consider myself lucky that I have played against him."

About Tendulkar's retirement, Ranatunga said: "Let Tendulkar decide when he wants to retire. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we can watch him bat. After retirement, the cricketing world will need him even more to promote the game."

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