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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sachin turns down record liquor endorsement

Keeping in mind the promise made to his father years ago, Sachin Tendulkar has refused an offer to endorse a liquor brand.

Sachin Tendulkar has not forgotten the promise he had made to his father years ago. Keeping true to his words, the Master Blaster has turned down a mega offer to promote a liquor brand. According to experts in the liquor industry, this would have been the highest-ever deal for an Indian.

A World Sports Group spokesperson - who looks after his endorsements - confirmed the offer but refused to divulge any detail: "He did get an offer but we are not in a position to name the company or give details of the offer."

It has been learnt through reliable sources that the offer was for a one-year contract, much more higher than what Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently signed for a three-year deal with Vijay Mallya's UB Group, which is worth Rs 26 crores. But, Tendulkar was offered as much as Rs 20 crore annually.

A former player and friend said: "His father had advised him against endorsing alcohol-related or tobacco products soon after he had made the Indian Test team."

"Money can never attract Tendulkar. His refusal to endorse is a classic example of how he really believes in his principles and values his cricket," said the player who once led India to a famous win under Tendulkar's guidance.

The general belief is that the UB Group approached Tendulkar with the deal before signing Dhoni but Arun Pandey, who heads Rhiti Sports Management and is a close business associate of the Indian captain, said they have no idea about it. "We have no knowledge about who approached Tendulkar or the offer that was made to him," said Pandey.

Besides Dhoni, the UB Group has also signed up four other players for promotion of their brand McDowells.

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