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Saturday, April 2, 2011

‘Sachin Tendulkar is not just a cricketer, also a good human’

Sachin Tendulkar is not only a great cricketer but also has a great heart. Without much fanfare, he has helped raise funds for children suffering from cancer.

Dr P Jagannath, a senior oncologist who coordinates the charity through his website, says: “I know Sachin’s wife Anjali, who’s a paediatrician. She convinced him that the donations will help in treating the cancer in children, because it is curable.” Sachin was instrumental in raising a corpus of Rs1.35 crore last July.

The website has now started a drive for people to make a wish for Sachin for the World Cup final. “Even a nominal amount of Rs100 can be sent. This amount will be donated towards the treatment of cancer in children. We all wish him good luck. But it’s the good deed which will make all the difference,” he says.

The most valuable contribution was by a bed-ridden girl who sent Rs100 and wrote a poignant letter to Sachin. “The letter said that her family cannot afford to donate a large amount but wants to send at least Rs100 to support the cause. We sent the letter to Sachin who was moved,” says Jagannath.

Recently, he received a call from Sachin saying that one of his friends was to be operated by him and asked to take care of him.

“It was unusual for Sachin to request for help. I expected a VVIP patient but, to my surprise, I found a young sports journalist HK who came to me for surgery. He did not even approach Sachin directly. When Sachin came to know of his condition, he immediately called us and ensured he got proper treatment. HK is now fine and gratefully remembers the personal call from Sachin.”

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