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Monday, April 4, 2011

World Cup the ultimate thing: Sachin Tendulkar

MUMBAI: Sachin Tendulkar did not get going on Saturday night but his long-cherished dream of winning the World Cup came true. This is what he had to say minutes after the special victory.

"Special thanks to Gary, Paddy and the whole support staff, especially Mike Horn, who joined us before the World Cup started and also for the last few games. He worked on our mental side, on the expectations and about dealing the pressure. The team stuck together through ups and downs. There were rough phases in between but we stuck together and proved most of the people who were doubting our ability wrong."

On self-belief in this team, he said: "Yes, it was always there. Just that the last couple of years it has been a little more; we've been extremely consistent. It's a great honour to be part of this team."

On finally winning a World Cup after such a long wait, the Mumbai maestro said: "It's never too late, as they say. Winning the World Cup is the ultimate thing. Thanks to all my teammates, without such fabulous performances and such consistency we could never have done it. Did he cry? "They were happy tears, so I don't mind."

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