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Monday, April 18, 2011

1500 ft Birthday Gift For Sachin Tendulkar.

At a time when Indians across the globe are celebrating country's victory in the recently culminated cricket world cup in their own styles, an Allahabadi artist, Rajkumar Chitera, has come forth with a unique idea to pay tribute to legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, by making a 1500 ft long painting, show casing every aspect of his life.

"This is going to be the largest painting ever made covering every aspect of the master-blaster's life, who has become a legend today in the game of cricket," Rajkumar informs and further adds, "From his parent's pictures (as they have always been the guiding force in his life) to childhood moments including the ones spent at the field, I plan to incorporate everything in this huge painting. Moreover, the painting will also depict Indian team's tryst with other teams at the World Cup 2011, where our team India fought really hard for the victory."

However, what is unique about this painting is the fact that the artist promises to complete it in record 39 hours. "I will start my painting on the 22nd of April and would complete it in 39 hours on 24th of April, the day master blaster would celebrate his birthday and turn 38. This painting will not only be a tribute to him for having played 6 world cups, but also a birthday gift from my side."

The venue, where this painting will be made is city's Chandra Shekhar Park. Rajkumar chitera is a renowned artist, who has also made many sand sculptors of various personalities of the country earlier on the banks of Sangam. The artist is also planning to put this colossal painting on display later at the gateway of India, Mumbai.

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