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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sachin will have a good night sleep and be at his best: Dhoni

Mumbai: Indian skipper M S Dhoni today said that batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar would not have an anxious night ahead of tomorrow's World Cup final at his home ground at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, although he is just one short of his century of centuries in international cricket.

"Ever since he made his debut in 1989, for last 21 years the whole of India has been expecting him to score runs. I don't think it's anything new," Dhoni said.

"He's achieved a lot and does not need to do anything more. He will have a good night sleep, turn up on the field and be at his best," he added.

Tendulkar, who has 51 Test tons and 48 ODI hundreds, scored two brilliant centuries against England and South Africa in the league stage of the tournament but the magical third ton in the Cup to reach the memorable landmark has eluded him. He made 85 against Pakistan in the semi-final at Mohali.

"As I always say it's not about the result, you can't control the result. What you can control is how you are preparing and if you are preparing well and if it's your day you can get big runs and make your team win. No point thinking about what milestone you are supposed to achieve," said Dhoni.

"Being the kind of individual he is, he always thinks of going on to the field and give his best. It's his love and passion for cricket. Every time he turns up for practice or a game he's 100 per cent there.

"He gets there with a purpose on mind. And till such time it does not get resolved he does not leave the field. With the talent he has got more often than not he gets it rectified within two hours," the skipper added.

Further praising the legendary batsman, Dhoni said Tendulkar's attitude has not changed for the last 21 years.

"He's an amazing person to have. His attitude has not changed for 21 years. Most people would have lost interest. With Sachin, God has made him to play cricket and he's been doing it for the past 21 years and will continue to do for a few more years to come," he concluded.

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