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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why should Sachin retire, asks angry Lata Mangeshkar

Her love for Sachin Tendulkar is widely known. Lata Mangeshkar is usually a serene entity, but the mention of Sachin makes her animated almost immediately. Now that Sachin has completed his milestone and has the albatross finally off his chest, Lataji is visibly delighted. But when is asked to comment over people who suggest Sachin should retire, Lataji reportedly fumes and asks why should he!
The Bharat Ratna awarded legendary singer is a cricket fanatic just like most of the country is. And, she apparently had a lot to say when asked about his favourite player Sachin Tendulkar. She actually got angry and asked why we do this to our sportsmen and why we place so much anxiety on them. She also compared Sachin’s comeback to hers by saying that she also wanted to quit at one time, but she fought back. Lataji also asked who decides when the sportspersons and the artistes should retire! Sachin would retire whenever he wants to.
Lataji also reminisced about her long association with Indian cricket. She counts Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Garfield Sobers amongst her favourite cricketers. Well, when Lataji says it, we have to listen. We hope no more retirement suggestions for Tendulkar surface.

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