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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dhoni would like to have Sachin's autograph.

BANGALORE: As a cricket fan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni could never get an autograph of a celebrated player and there's only one cricketer whose signature, the India skipper would like to treasure - his own teammate and legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

"It is not hard to guess.. it is one and only Sachin Tendulkar," Dhoni replied when asked his choice of player to obtain an autograph at a book launch function.

Dhoni launched a book containing pictures, caricatures and autographs of his World Cup teammates.

The book, titled 'Stumped', has been brought out by and would be up for sale, only through website purchase, in a week's time.

India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh received the first copy of the book from Dhoni in the presence of Virat Kohli and Piyush Chawla, who were present at the function at the team hotel.

The caricatures have been made by Shijo Varghese of Bangalore and Andy Zaltzman, an acclaimed stand-up comedian since 1999 and also Britain's most infantile satirists, has written the text for the caricatures.

"The idea came seeing people taking autographs on their school note pages and all kinds of papers. That time he was carrying big size caricatures. He suggested that he wanted to come up with a book so that people could treasure it for long years, if it is done in a proper way," Dhoni said.

"We are quite happy doing it. It was real quick job done by them. It is a pleasing thing to see the whole book in stock in less than ten days time. I am sure the players will first have a hearty laugh seeing their caricatures before signing on it. Hopefully, I am sure people will like this innovative way of collecting autographs and having them secured for years."

For Harbhajan his favourite caricature on the book is Gautam Gambhir while Dhoni said Yuvraj Singh's is a nice one.

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