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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what better way (to honour the man Sachin Tendulkar) than achieving the right result in Mumbai 2011 World cup Final," said Kumble.

BANGALORE: Anil Kumble is a man who believes in doing things and not living in hope. For the Indian World Cup team though, he's willing to be different. Speaking to the media after showcasing the renovated Chinnaswamy Stadium, Kumble started by saying: "I hope this turns out to be a great World Cup with the right result. I will be rooting for India and just India."

He was quick to add: "But at the same time we have some wonderful teams participating in this tournament. If we look at Australia, they are in great form. England may have lost the series against Australia but they are coming after an Ashes win, and I am sure that the India-England match will be a great one and thankfully they are playing in Bangalore." Asked what he thought India's chances were, Kumble said: "You can't discount the sub-continental teams like Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Both are in good form, but looking at India's form, I think this is the best chance for them to win the Cup."

That is some statement coming from the veteran of four World Cups. His optimism wasn't without reason he explained. "The team has the right balance and also they are in good form. Of course, there are fitness concerns regarding 2-3 players and they should address this as it's a long tournament. If they overcome these issues and peak at the right moment, I am sure that India can go on to win the tournament."

He did admit though that the pressure on the Indian team will be massive given they are playing at home. "It has always been there. When you are playing at home, you always have pressure to cope with. It's never easy to live up to the expectations. However, this team has shown that they can overcome this pressure. Plus everyone, barring a couple of guys, is experienced and has played a lot of international cricket. We have an experienced team and they should do well."

Talk about the World Cup and the norm is that the Sachin Tendulkar question has to come up. "Sachin has been an exceptional player for the last 21 years. And it will be fitting for all of us if we go on to win this World Cup," said Kumble. "2003 was probably the closest. He and all of us came close to winning it and now with the final in Mumbai, what better way (to honour the man) than achieving the right result there," said Kumble.

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