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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sachin's Sukhoi ride could happen in Pune.

After conquering the cricketing firmament, Sachin Tendulkar may literally penetrate the blue skies with a possible sortie in a supersonic Sukhoi fighter jet.

"A proposal to fly Tendulkar in Sukhoi has been moved to the Ministry of Defence. It will materialise only after the ministry's approval, Sachin's consent and availability," Wing Commander S K Mehta, spokesman of the Indian Air Force (IAF), told PTI on Wednesday.

He said there were many "ifs and buts" regarding the proposal which is at a nascent stage and no definite date has been fixed for it.

Tendulkar is the IAF's brand ambassador and was conferred an honorary rank of group captain last year.

"Pune will be an obvious choice if this proposal is given effect," the official said, noting that a Sukhoi squadron of the Air Force is based in the city.

President Pratibha Patil had also taken a flight in the fighter jet from here last year.

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