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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pakistani cricketers must learn from Sachin: Miandad

Karachi, Jan 24 (PTI) Former captain and director-generalof Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Javed Miandad has urgedPakistani cricketers to learn from from the achievements ofIndian batting maestro, Sachin Tendulkar.

BuzRather than letting their on-field performance speak forthem, Miandad feels that the players are happy to brag abouttheir performance in media.

"We keep on reading and hearing about some of the playersmaking claims about how they will deliver, but on field thatis not happening and it is a big let down for the nation."

"I would advise them to just focus on their game and gofor improvement and take every match seriously. The playersneed to realise cricket is played on the field.

"They should learn from Sachin who has had a wonderfulcareer and scored century after century but one never hearhim making tall claims about his performances or achievements.

He is a proper professional and someone our players can learnfrom," the veteran of 124 Tests insisted.

Miandad also called on captain, Shahid Afridi to takemore responsibility as a player and lift the team by exampleand said that the all-rounder has got enough amount of talentand he should channelise it properly.

"He shouldn''t be playing the way he is. Imran Khan is agreat example of how a captain should perform.

"Imran lifted the team in the 1992 World Cup. Afridineeds to start doing that himself. He did it during the WorldT20 Championship so he is perfectly capable of delivering,"Miandad said.

He emphasised, "He (Afridi) has immense talent which hedoes not utilise properly at times."

Urging the players to take the current one-day seriesagainst New Zealand seriously Miandad said,"Unfortunatelywhat I noticed was that the players didn''t appear seriousabout their business in the first match in Wellington theytook things lightly. In international cricket this is notacceptable."

Pakistan who are currently engaged in an ODI seriesagainst Kiwis failed to replicate their performance in Testsagainst the hosts and lost the series opener by nine wicketsafter being bowled out for just 124 runs in 37.4 overs.

Adding greater significance to ongoing series in view ofthe upcoming World Cup, Miandiad reiterated that losing itcould have a big impact on their performances in the megaevent. .

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